Product Development & Prototyping

Taking a concept from vision to market doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We help you develop your prototype, market test your product line, develop your tech pack, and develop best manufacturing practices. Ideas need to be brought to life.

Digital Pattern and Art Design

Digital Pattern and Art Design

What does the Product Development Process Look Like?

You have a vision. We have the industry experience to bring your vision to market. We begin by creating production ready art and digital patterns unique to your design. Creating one design is easy. Creating many designs and sizes that are consistent throughout production is critical to your success. We create a master physical sample that you can use to market test your product. As you gather feedback from consumers and potential retail partners we create the master fit and finish of your production ready line. We then create a tech pack, specific instructions for every step to mass produce your design. Then we develop key manufacturing practices from design to packaging that will govern your production process. Are you ready to bring your vision to the world? Contact us now for a free consultation.